About the Artist 
     Jennifer Crosby is a multi faceted artist based in Toronto, Ontario. Her position as a creative has been well established over the past decade.  As self taught visual artist ,she began using canvas as a form of therapy and continues to do so to this day. Art was a very silent form of expression for her for many years. She became more noticed throughout Toronto after founding the Crowsnest a company that dealt with artist representation and relations for musicians and visuals. Becoming involved then in the local Toronto Arts and Culture scene was the beginning of her art career although she still humbly considers it  her "doodles".  Since 2005 Jennifer has been building, storing and not showing a wide repertoire of what she claims is“amateur art”  although she has been constantly  expanding over vast ranges of mediums and themes, which she proudly contributes to her Bipolar Disorder and  modo that Art is the best therapy for the soul' 
This website is a opening of the gates to Jennifers mind, emotions and art that has been locked up for too long.  
Please enjoy, comment or Email crosbygallery@gmail.com   or Crosby Gallery on Facebook  or simply talk with Jennifer personally about any comments or inquiries.
 Artical by Sean Rasmussen   
 Published in 2000


   Jennifer Crosbys images created by paint, collage and found
 materials often deal with sexuality, isolation and abuse.. She
 doesnt feel comfortable showing or being called an artist, but
 I was lucky to accidentally see her work while visiting her
 studio.  She talks about sex in the city, maybe becoming brave
 enough to have a showing one day, and nobody, being able to
 put her in a corner. Her art is her therapy.